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Mountain View to start delivery of I-City New Cairo June 2020

The president of Mountain View Company said that the company is scheduled to start handing over the units of the first phase of the project, I-City City, next June.

The company relies on criteria in the process of receiving its projects, the most prominent of which is the non-handover of units before the completion of all the services needed for living.

The services included in the project were all implemented under the ground, which means that it is a complete city under the ground and that the security of the project takes place through smart systems, and there are 4 gates, all operating in an intelligent manner without the help of any security personnel and all aspects of the project Monitored by cameras.

He said that the project provided more than 5 thousand job opportunities, between a worker, an engineer and a technician, working on the hourly basis and there is an abnormal effort by the workers, stressing: The first phase will be completely delivered during the year 2020 provided that the completion of more than a thousand housing units is completed before End of 2020.

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